The recent declines in Lukaku
The recent declines in Lukaku are due in large part to the fact that his opponents have paid so much attention to controlling his speed and heading to the top of the penalty area that the performance of Little World of Warcraft in the loss of space is clearly not enough "top Addison Russell Jersey." In the case of Lukaku can not be rid of opponents Ron Santo Jersey, Manchester United offensive in the ball began to focus on the feet of Mashale, Mr. 80 million extended the good state of last weekend Alec Mills Jersey, a continuous reserve of energy saved in the first half Released it Hector Rondon Jersey.

Manchester United is currently very interested in the 19-year-old Zhongwei Umemecanuo, Red Bull Red Bull, will offer the demon in January. Manchester United is not the only team that is interested in Umemekano, while Serie A's Milan and Liverpool are both alluring opponents.

Compared with Barcelona and Bayern Munich who coach Guardiola in the past, it is clear that nowadays Manchester City play a more direct, at least goalkeeper Edson has been "allowed to rescue"; at the same time, the current Blue Moon Always be able to kick out before Barcelona, ??Bayern more tenacious, tough game. Of course, since Guardiola's team, then the attack will naturally not bad, so far this season Manchester City has scored 35 league goals, averaging 3.5 goals, and still maintain the unbeaten record. Although the season has just been a quarter, but it now appears that Manchester City did have the opportunity to replicate Arsenal's unbeaten record then topped the Premiership miracle.
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Benfica stepped up its defense
Benfica stepped up its defense of Manchester United's left-sided offensive after making a penalty shoot-out in the Cavaliers. The breakthrough in the franchise began to lose its sharpness and continuity, forcing Manchester United to find other ways to attack. Due to Mkhitaryan sitting on the bench Fergie Jenkins Jersey, Lingard scared after encountering each other guard became a little scared, Manchester United infiltration in the frontcourt encountered a lot of trouble. Matic at this stage is still the task of convergence lines and midfielders Caleb Smith Jersey, is responsible for the pressure of the former McKee Minai more choice after passing the ball, Manchester United in the former 40-meter area of ??organizational tasks fall To Mata shoulder.

Manchester United's defensive line has been criticized by fans and the media last season, so the Red Devils introduced Lindeluofu this summer Alec Mills Jersey, but the Swedish center defender came to Manchester United after the play has been very depressed, played only once in the Premier League, on Making a big mistake against Mahadesfield, the team's two missing throws have something to do with him.

Although Bailey and Jones play well in the Zhongwei position, but rely on the two support the entire season is too difficult, so the Red Devils also intends to reinforce the defense strength in the winter window. British media "Metro News" said Mourinho is very interested in the 19-year-old Zhongwei Umemecanuo Brian Duensing Jersey, Bundesliga team Leipzig Red Bull.
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Without Valencia responsible
Without Valencia responsible for opening the offensive width, Mata in the middle of the performance will be more embarrassing Fergie Jenkins Jersey, the Spaniards need more flexible running to get rid of the entanglement of opponents in the dense road area survival. In the case of Lukaku and Mashale suffered heavy siege Joe Maddon Jersey, Mata once tried to quickly pass into the box after a quick pass grab points, however, Manchester United lack of speed can be used to send the bottom of the bottom of the triangle Back-guard, Mashal and others in the ribs is also more to choose high pass Lukaku, Ma Tade many times before inserted into the restricted area are futile Justin Grimm Jersey. Of course, Mata's speed and physique are not enough to help him beat his opponent in one-on-one battles despite Lukaku's header ferry.

Uppamakano came to the Bundesliga this summer from the Salzburg Red Bull, the Sisters Red Bull team in Leipzig. Although only 19 years old, Umpame Kano got his spot by virtue of his superior personal abilities. Currently in the first ten rounds of the Bundesliga play 8 times, all eight games starting, and played full of all competitions. In the new season's three rounds of the Champions League, the defender also all started, played 270 minutes of competition.

In the end how to evaluate the 10 rounds of strike against Manchester United and Jose Mourinho's performance? Objectively speaking, if the exclusion of Manchester City, then Manchester United's performance is undoubtedly very good, under the training of Mourinho, the Red Devils is difficult to beat opponents this season Sammy Sosa Jersey, the team can be the most powerful Premier League champions competitor. However, the reality is that we absolutely can not rule out Manchester City when discussing the title of Premier League titles, so overall, the current Red Devils still do not seem to have the absolute power to dominate England football.
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The first half overtime stage
The first half overtime stage, Manchester United finally break the deadlock, Mata crosscut on the right, Lukaku shot off the defense to the Middle Road, Madic outside the great left foot violently low range shot, the ball hit the left column The bounce hit Svilar and rolled into the net. Martiqi peripheral ball in the moment, had been looking for fighters in the middle of the Mata came to the personnel density of the smaller sidewalks, strong ability of conflagration Lin Jiade roundabout back to suppress Benfica defense.

Umemecano excellent potential has also been the concern of many wealthy Jason Heyward Jersey, after the news that Liverpool would be keen to sign him after a tight defense. This time, Mourinho also moved to buy umemecanuo mind. Umemecano is only 19 years old this year, once the Reds signed him, the player will be with the current Manchester United defender Bailey the team's defense portfolio for the next ten years.

Mourinho became Manchester United manager in May 2016 Jon Jay Jersey, when he signed a 3 +1 contract, the final year is a contract option. After becoming Manchester United manager, Mourinho's job is still very good, last season, he helped the Red Devils won the England League Cup Ron Santo Jersey, Community Shield Cup and the European Union Cup champion Carlos Zambrano Jersey. It is precisely because of this, Manchester United have the plan to renew Jose Mourinho, allegedly, the Red Devils have prepared a five-year contract for Mike Mussin, if Mike Mussina signed the contract, then his annual salary will Came to a staggering 20 million pounds.
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